Talk yourself in to it


Change the way you speak to yourself

Have you ever taken a moment to really listen how cruel you can be to yourself? Next time you’re in a situation where you have to step out your comfort zone by facing a challenge but end up talking yourself out of it, or even just when someone gives you a compliment and you immediately shut them down. Listen to what you’re saying. 

YOu CaN’t dO THiS
ThEy DoN'T LikE yOu
yOu'RE So sTuPId
ThIS wOn’t WoRk
yoU’Ll fAiL  
ThEy’l LEaVe 

Recognise any of those? They’re some of the milder things I tell myself. 

When someone is being a complete twat, I often try to question why. What could possibly compel someone to act such a way? So, I asked my inner troll; Why tf are you being such a bitch? 


If only


Accepting myself as the failure I am

I have come to realise my fear of fucking up has pretty much cemented my position in life as a failure. It has stopped me from trying a long list of things. Too many to even try (and fail) to recall.
No matter how much I’ve wanted to achieve something I end up not even attempting it because I’ve worried so much about the outcome that I talk myself out of even trying.
I have this unrealistic expectation that I will be a pro on my first go, and since that really is very rarely accurate I usually give up pretty much immediately, and when I ultimately mess up I tell myself ‘I told you so’ and am reminded not to try anything ever again.


Be gentle


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