Is having a mid life crisis really such a bad thing?

I’ve been affectionately referring to this latest period of my life as my 'midlife crisis' (for arguments sake I’m going with ‘mid-life’ but who knows when I’m actually gonna die really …)
Since the new year and my new found situation of being single, moving back to my hometown and closing down my almost 7 year old business I’ve been doing some things which might be considered ~pretty~ out of character. Some of which have probably been raising a few eyebrows amongst people who know me (and my new neighbours) but are too polite to say anything.
I’ve had seven new piercings in the space of a few months, my home decor is rivalling Barbie’s dream house with the amount of pink that’s involved, I've painted my curtains with dalmatian spots, I’m getting my teeth whitened, I’ve drank *a lot* of wine and have been very much making the most of Tinder (those last two may or may not be related) I bought myself a 12ft trampoline for my garden … Oh and I’ve started a blog where I overshare my thoughts and feelings with the entire internet.


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