How Tinder stopped me being a people pleaser

Have you seen the film Coming to America? Remember that part where the Prince has to meet his potential suitors, after some elaborate introductions in an attempt to get to know one of them he asks the girl what sort of interests she has; her response? ‘I like whatever you like’.

Hi! Hello, that’s me!!

I have no idea what made me this way but I have always wanted everyone to like me. Yes, everyone. I’ve spent a large portion of my life making sure I’m pleasant and have worked really hard on being nice. My vows as a people pleaser : I will agree with everything you say, I will always put you first and I will bend over backwards whilst the words 'I don’t mind’ literally fall out my mouth any time I'm asked a question or my opinion. 


Can self care be bad for you?

During any time of healing you have to be extra nice to yourself. Of course you deserve another duvet day. Yes you can have another glass of wine. Why not buy that cute top if it makes you feel better? 
But I’ve started to wonder if too much self care can actually have the opposite effect. Can it be bad for you?

Recently I've been making the most of focussing on myself, embracing the yolo attitude and putting myself first in every way possible and I’ve come to realise there is a fine line between self care and self sabotage that is so easily crossed.


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